Professional Concrete Pressure Washing and Cleaning Services in New Port Richey

If your building or property has any amount of concrete surfaces (walkways, lots, common areas, stone and brick pavers), then it’s crucial you keep it well-maintained with concrete pressure washing and cleaning services. 


People often overlook the important task of of cleaning exterior concrete surfaces, but it is essential to keep these surfaces clean, safe, and presentable if you want to get the most value out of your investment.

Increase the Value of Your Property with Concrete Cleaning

Below we will look into some of the main reasons why you should ensure that your concrete is being kept clean, safe, and presentable.

We’ll also explain how our professional concrete cleaning services are the best way to maintain your exterior concrete surfaces to satisfaction. You’ll find that having clean concrete can be hugely rewarding in so many ways.

Protecting Your Concrete is an investment in your property

Whether you have concrete walkways, concrete lots, concrete common areas, stone pavers, or brick pavers, then you need to bear in mind just how important that material really is as part of the whole.

Similarly, perhaps you are looking after some concrete sidewalks, driveways, and entryways – all of these are going to have concrete to an extent, and it is important that you don’t miss these fine details.

The better you look after your concrete surfaces, treating it with safe methods and so on, the more that you will get out of it and the longer the lifespan of your exterior surfaces. If you think of concrete as an investment, you are much more likely to want to take care of it.

How Concrete Gets Dirty

Some people think of concrete as a surface material that never really gets dirty, but that is just not the case. Concrete collects dirt, grime, and unsafe organic growth. Understanding how this happens will give you a better appreciation of maintaining your surfaces regularly. 

In general, concrete gets dirty because of a build up of dirt and from organic growth – this happens as a part of the natural process of weathering due to our humid Florida environment. With general to moderate use, this kind of issue is always going to be inevitable so routine maintenance is highly recommended.

We have mastered many techniques to clean and restore these surfaces, so you don’t have to worry about taking on this task yourself! With our expert pressure cleaning technicians, you will be able to ensure that your concrete is kept in the best possible condition at all times.

Why Should You Use Professional Concrete Cleaning Services?

With our professional concrete cleaning services, we assure all your exterior surfaces on your property are as clean as possible – and it’s really amazing just how clean it can really get with the right methods.

With our pressure cleaning process, all of that built up dirt and grime will be completely removed, leaving your concrete looking and feeling fresh for month to come.

We offer a variety of Flat Surface Pressure Washing Services

Our flat surface pressure washing professionals specialize in driveway cleaning, pressure washing concrete in patios, pool-sides, sidewalks, and stamped concrete. So whatever kind of building you have or however much concrete, we will rejuvenate your exterior surfaces.

If you think that your concrete needs a deep clean...

We are one of the most trusted professional exterior cleaning services in the Tampa Bay area, so it’s hardly surprising that we are able to work our magic on concrete in this way. You’ll be amazed to discover some of the positive things people have said about us, and it’s truly incredible the way in which we are able to turn concrete surfaces around in an afternoon with our expertise, experience and skill.

Hire Our Trusted Concrete Cleaning Company For Your Property

With our help your property will look good as new keeping your investment clean and your residents truly happy at all times. It’s amazing what some clean concrete can really do!

To find out more about our concrete cleaning services, you can call us or email today. We are always happy to take your call, and more than happy to discuss your concrete cleaning needs as soon as possible.

Locally Owned and Operated for 20 years

Hello, my name is Patrick. I own and operate Innovative Pressure Washing and Roof Cleaning Service which was founded in November 2003 as a small exterior cleaning service.


Since then, we have grown in the industry and have perfected all aspects of exterior cleaning whether it be something as small as a driveway or as large as a whole community. Still, to this day, I personally work on each job to assure our clients get the very best results.

Patrick Stevens the owner of Innovative Pressure Washing and Roof Cleaning inNew Port Richey Florida

Owner, Innovative Pressure Washing

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Client Feedback

Danny & Lynsay Wertin
May 4, 2023.
Called on a Wednesday for a quote, he was there in 5 minutes, his quote shocked me as it was half what I expected to pay for ALL the service, house, gutters, pool deck, front porch. And WOW what a dramatic change. Did I mention he did the work next morning. You won't find better so stop looking!!
Nadia Kamal
April 27, 2023.
These guys were in and out and my home, pool deck and pool screen look brand new again. Thank you!
Ben Hill
April 25, 2023.
Had them out today and they did a great job. Arrived on time and got straight to work. Did everything they quoted in a professional manner and even washed a fence for us that was not quoted at no additional cost. Both my wife and I highly recommend this company. They did a fantastic job.
Pat Bayers
April 25, 2023.
We are very pleased with the workmanship and professionalism of Innovative Pressure Washing. They did a great job on our home.
Carly Massa
March 27, 2023.
Our roof looks fab. Thank you
Kris Blankenship
February 15, 2023.
Innovative was at my home for a pool cage & paver softwash. I was so impressed that I rescheduled the following week to pressure wash the entire outside of the home & metal barn. They were fantastic, courteous, professional, and fast. I highly recommend them.
Robert Shumway
January 27, 2023.
I’m new to the area needed some Pressure Washing reached out to Inovative, showed up within days with all the necessary and professional equipment and did an outstanding job leaving me 100% satisfied
Ernie Klug
January 24, 2023.
Patrick was on time and professional. He paid attention to every detail. My house,roof and driveway were cleaned. The before and after pictures are amazing. I highly recommend this company.
Roger LeBlanc
January 24, 2023.
Absolute quality work by true professionals. Was really a pleasure dealing with them. Excellent results!

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