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Looking after a homeowner’s association can be a full-time job in itself, and that means you won’t necessarily always have the time to be able to do some of the things your property needs.


An HOA can be hard to look after properly, and you’ll find that there are many kinds of help that you need by your side in order to make sure that the property is kept in a good condition, and the residents are happy with quality of their common living spaces.

One Of The Most Important Tasks For An HOA Is Cleanliness.

The cleaner your property’s common areas, the better your residents will feel about investing in your HOA. Beautifying shared spaces benefits the whole community, so paying attention to the exterior surfaces your residents all use makes a huge difference.

When it comes to the exterior surfaces of an HOA community, the best approach to cleaning and maintaining those areas is soft washing.

Soft washing methods meet the high standards of a modern community, and you are going to find our particular techniques and expertise are unmatched in the local exterior cleaning industry.

Get Rid Of Years Of Dirt And Grime On Your Property Surfaces

Our professional pressure cleaning services are exactly what you need to keep the exterior common areas of your HOA property free of dirt and grime.


Most residences and buildings of a certain age develop all sorts of problems over time if they are not cleaned thoroughly or regularly, so this is a vital thing that you need to pay attention to if you would like to ensure that you can keep it looking its very best.

Dangers Of Organic Growth On Common Exterior Surfaces

One of the main issues that can arise organic growth like mold, mildew, and algae. These natural growths are not only unsightly for those who live in your homeowner’s association- when left unattended, they are huge slip and fall liabilities waiting to happen!


Mildew, mold, and algae make surfaces slippery, so any shared walkways which have not been cleaned might be a potential injury that could have been easily prevented with regularly scheduled cleaning.

Well Water Stains And Rust On Your Property Exterior

Likewise, you might have well water stains around the building, or similar unsightly issues going on, and all of this can subtly and deeply affect the experience of living there.


So if you want to keep your residents happy and provide them the value they deserve, you’ll want to make use of our professional pressure cleaning services as soon as possible, and ideally on a regular basis too.

Effective, Affordable Solutions With An Experienced Team Of Pressure Washers

We offer effective, yet affordable solutions for any HOA leader looking to improve the appearance, health and safety standards, and experience of their property. If you know that you need to have a proper clean on the exterior or any other parts of the building, then you can count on us to deliver exactly the service that you have been looking for.


With our help, your HOA property will get back to its former glory, and truly look as good as new, in no time at all. So this is certainly something that you are going to want to think about if you are keen to try and improve the life of your residents greatly and give them the best possible chance of a happy residence.

Choose A Pressure Cleaning Team With Years Of Local Experience

With our team, what you get every time is a huge degree of experience and expertise, so you can be sure that we are going to be the ones to go to in order to keep your HOA looking great.


We have a huge amount of professional experience behind us inspiring our work, and a long line of previously satisfied clients operating in many kinds of places. So you can be sure that you can trust us with your HOA cleaning.

Hire Our Trusted Community Pressure Washing Team For Your HOA

We are a friendly team, always willing to take your call and always happy to discuss what your needs might be regarding having your HOA cleaned properly and professionally.


You will be amazed at the results we can produce, and we are very proud to say that we deliver on our promises all the time. If you would like to find out more, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Locally Owned and Operated for 19 years

Hello, my name is Patrick. I own and operate Innovative Pressure Washing and Roof Cleaning Service which was founded in November 2003 as a small exterior cleaning service.


Since then, we have grown in the industry and have perfected all aspects of exterior cleaning whether it be something as small as a driveway or as large as a whole community. Still, to this day, I personally work on each job to assure our clients get the very best results.


Owner, Innovative Pressure Washing

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Client Feedback

Janet Acerra
December 5, 2022.
Patrick answered my call quickly and provided an estimate the same day! The estimate was reasonable and the work was outstanding! What started as a gutter cleaning became a whole house cleaning that left my home looking brand new! I couldn’t be happier with this company!
Adrianne Wilson
December 3, 2022.
I would highly recommend this company! We just moved into our home and our house was in need to be pressure washed from the tile roof to the driveway/ sidewalks. We were amazed what our home looked like afterwards. This company is very professional and very reliable!
Tammy Martin
November 15, 2022.
Used Innovative Pressure Washing on the recommendation of my neighbors. I was very pleased with the attention to detail and their professionalism. I will definitely be calling them again!
Sandra Jones
November 4, 2022.
Patrick was professional, prompt and went over and beyond.
Lotus Dinan
October 26, 2022.
This company is very professional detail oriented right down to their matching business jerseys. My roof was cleaned with the soft washing technique and came out beautiful. Reasonable prices and they actually answer the phone..I highly recommend Innovative Pressure Washing.
wergeld excimer1566
October 11, 2022.
Contacted them on Sunday and they were out bright and early on Monday. Night and day difference in our driveway, walkup, and garage door. Fantastic service.
Katherine Witherell
October 11, 2022.
They did an amazing job and quick, very responsive and communicated with me, and at a fair price. I was quoted twice as much by someone else. They were also professional and kind. Our house looks 100% better! Thanks so much, Innovative Pressure Washing!
Debbie Latham
October 10, 2022.
Detailed and great results. I have an excess amount of plant life around my home and they covered it and took care that it was not damaged. Knowledgeable and would recommend.
September 8, 2022.
Our roof looks like new. We were very pleased with the outcome and highly recommended the services to anybody looking to make their house beautiful again! Thanks guys, great job!!
Laurie-Ann Wilkens
August 16, 2022.
There isn’t anything I wouldn’t recommend about this company. I called “after hours” like 6:30pm figuring I could just leave a message for someone to get back to me the next day. That was not the case, I got a hello after the second ring. I spoke to Patrick for a few minutes. I let him know what I was trying to accomplish and he said no problem. He pulled up an aerial of my home for sq ft and was able to give me an estimate shortly after. The estimate sounded fair for all the work I needed done. He came out 2 days later (only because I wasn’t available the next day!) He was there on time and ready to make my home come back to life. They did a soft wash on the roof, whole back deck, 3 car oversized driveway, back lanai patio area, shed, fence, gutters and soffits.. Let’s just say when I got home I almost missed my home 🤣.. It’s so CLEAN!!! Omg I had the hugest smile on my face and it felt like the house was smiling a little too 😊 They definitely went above and beyond my expectations and would highly recommend their services to anyone. 5 star 🌟 All the way! Thank you, Thank you.. THANK YOU 😊🫶🏼💯

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